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The lack of any real intervention or condemnation from the federal government regarding the situation in Ferguson is telling. Remember that the government only wants to preserve the status quo.

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#FERGUSON protestor returns tear gas canister back to sender…
This is Amerikkka 2014

while eating his chips lol


People so often use “iconic” to refer to things that are not iconic, but I feel like this picture really will be.

I said it before in a tag, but I think the American flag T-shirt is what’s going to make this the biggest image to come out of Ferguson. Few things make an impression like wearing a T-shirt with the flag of the land of the free and the home of the brave on it while you throw back a tear gas canister that the people who are supposed to be protecting you threw at you in the first place just for protesting.  

Anonymous said: I'll just right to it: I love doom, my lady loves that cradle of filth type grind. Its really straining our relationship. I don't think she's ever listened to dopesmoker from start to finish, when i ask her about it she avoids the question. What should I do?


Wait til she goes out on an errand one night…while she’s gone you throw a nice arrangement of candles up in the bedroom, scatter some rose petals on the sheets, maybe get some fuckin like, aromatherapy goin’… then when she comes back throw on Black One by Sunn O))) or some other midway point on the spectrum of your tastes (Into Darkness by Winter comes to mind as well) and just go to town on each other

"dopesmoker" in its entirety is an endurance test even for doom fans. you gotta work your way up to it dude

Anonymous said: Fuckyeahampworship, I'm hoping you can give me some band advice. My guitarist for my current band writes most of our songs and is really into 70s influenced stoner rock stuff. While that's fun to play and all, I'm more into that slow, crushing doom shit. Basically, how can I get him to be less fun.



cut your records at 45rpm but label them as 33rpm. boom. problem solved

kinda killing it on these asks lately tbh



fall is gonna be so sick

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