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a lot of people talk like capitalism is necessary to have innovation and I just think of all the brilliant and creative people I know who spend all of their time and energy worrying about how they’re going to have a roof over their heads and food to eat. capitalism doesn’t drive innovation, it stifles it and shackles it to the endlessly wasteful machinery of exploitation.

there shouldnt be any such thing as a ‘starving artist’

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My blog is 90% terrible content, but it should be 100% pictures of Merzbow with a chicken.





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this is the most revolting paragraph of any article I’ve ever read


It’s cool ALS is talked about and all, but y’all realize the reason the search for a cure has to rely on cute water dumping videos is that unlike finding new ways to give middle class men firmer boners, there just isn’t much profit to be made curing a really rare disease? that the problem is once again an industry centered around generating profit and not addressing social need? you know, the problem once again is capitalism?

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